The Sakker 21 Day Challenge

Hello everyone (Roy typing here),

Our family (Roy 47 yrs.; Ashley 38 yrs.; Sophia 6 yrs.; Caleb 4 yrs.) has decided to create a 21 day challenge. The challenge, which we started on April 20th, is to refrain from saying anything negative about a person, place or thing. We have individual mason jars and a big bag of marbles to track our transgressions. Ashley and I are using the honor system when off on our own.

Day one brought marbles and insight. We all had multiple marbles in our jars, except for Sophia, who only had one. Sophia, widely considered the most genuinely sweet person in this family, is a consensus favorite to earn the least marbles over the course of this challenge.

Day one insight began before the first marble landed in my mason jar. From the very start of the day, I was conscious of my thoughts and processing these thoughts before speaking. I collected two marbles yesterday. On a typical day, one without this challenge and the subsequent heightened awareness, I know there would be many, many more figurative marbles in my jar. Instead, I was aware of my thoughts and conscientious about what and how I spoke.

My day one deduction is that it all starts or stops with one’s level of self-awareness. Hardly an innovative assessment, but I believe this conclusion to be valid. Not allowing your thoughts to run wild is a promising foundation to a more structured mind. With structure comes more organization and, hopefully, a more positive mentality.

Here is our family.

Thank you.

Roy Sakker


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